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What Does an Article Spinner Do?

The content which is entered into an article spinner needs to be paraphrased. It is important to note that a spin rewriter is designed to ‘spin’, that is, to change words and not the context as a whole. To ensure this, the basic method of a spin app is to replace the words with those having similar meanings, that is, with synonyms. However, sometimes when synonyms are replaced with another, the whole sentence may seem out of place. For instance, "That photograph of John is really good," in which the word photograph when replaced by image can make the sentence a bit ambiguous. "That image of John is really good" may sound confusing and the idea of 'photograph' may not pop up in the reader's mind. To tackle this issue, you can make your article spinner re-attempt the spinning. With every reattempt, more words are retrieved from the database and you may ultimately be able to find a more suitable alternative.

Other than finding synonyms for single words, an article spinner also works out a replacement for words that may be shortened. A good spin app or tool will help you to rephrase words that are unnecessary long. For instance, it can replace ‘very important’ with the word ‘crucial’. By following this method over and over again via detection, entire sentences and paragraphs can be replaced accordingly.

What Does an Article Spinner Need to Break Down the Content?

The job of an article spinner is to sift through a huge amount of words to decide appropriate replacements. Therefore, here are the two basic things that an article spinner needs to break down the fed content:

This also means that a spin app needs to have appropriate words in its database. Not every spin app is designed to cater to all languages. Since English is the international language, therefore there are more spin rewriters out there which are designed for English articles only. Before picking a spin app, make sure it is designed for the language the input article is written in.

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  • Database: This can be in the form of a text file or any other format, depending on how the spin app was made. The database needs to consist of similar words, and all synonyms should be associated with each other, that is, have high semantics. Since a spin app uses automatic rewriting to function, every task that is done by a manual spinner is transformed into an automatic one.
  • Semantics: After the database is created, the relationship between the entities, or words, in this case, is defined.
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How an Article Spinner Parses the Words

An article spinner makes good use of Spintax (short for Spin Syntax), which is a format for parsing the input text. With Spintax, words, or elements, are connected with each other in the form of trees. These trees and leaves are a way of arranging nodes that are related to each other in a database. With the help of the tree structure, any spin app can create better word families.

So, for instance, various parts of speech such as verbs, are gathered as leaves of one tree, while nouns, adjectives or other forms can be gathered in another tree. Now you can imagine how many trees, leaves and branches (connections) can be formed: endless! As mentioned in the beginning, this technique is called parts-of-speech (PoS) tagging.

Since there are so many word options to choose from, there is also a delimiter that acts and puts a limit on the number of suggested words for the particular words that a spin rewriter would find appropriate to be replaced.

In the case of Spintax

In the case of Spintax, there are multiple strategies that can be deployed by an article spinner that uses the Spintax format. The suggestions are placed within curly brackets and separated by a pipe character. Let’s go through a couple of these strategies.

  • Nested spinning is one such strategy. It gives more choices as the spin app uses extended spinning to spin the article. It produces two-level spun content. For instance, you can have a sentence and it can generate two suggestions for two different parts of the sentence. So if you have a sentence that says ‘What a wonderful world’, nested spinning would conclude "What an astonishing globe', for example. It would provide many suggestions though, and not just one.
  • Spintax also suggests optional words that you may or may not want to include in your content. This usually happens when the spin app recognises the overall tone of a sentence and finds an unnecessary word. It could make a blank suggestion along with other suggested words, and remove the word altogether in one recommended iteration.
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So this is the action behind the scenes when you enter text into the spin rewriter. But this is not to suggest that manual effort is completely diminished. A good spin app will do most of the work, but you may have to sift through appropriate suggestions. When you feel a suggestion isn’t going down well, a good spin app will provide you with a list of suggestions and you can feel free to pick from them. You can think of it like those recommended words or suggestions that pop up while you are typing. It is the same logic that drives a spin rewriter!