Can rephrase be done automatically?

Whether you are in college, writing a CV, or working as a professional writer, it doesn't matter. At one point, you'll need to rephrase a particular sentence. This can be a challenge for a person without much experience. Luckily, our rephrase tools can help you in various ways. It all depends on the tone that you are using in your text and the type of content. Below is a list of all the tools that we have and how each of them can be put to good use in a certain scenario. So let's begin.

Sentence Rephrase

Quite often you'll face a situation where you are not able to describe your thought in a simple sentence. The sentence may seem hard to read, or it can be too wordy. This is where our tool comes in. Just put the sentence that is causing you problems into our tool and let it do its magic. You'll be provided with advice on how to construct the sentence in a manner that will simply captivate the readers while not giving them hard time reading it.

Paragraph Rephrase

What happens in a situation where you are not writing in your native language? You finish a text and the person responsible for proofreading returns it because it is full of grammatical errors? Well, we can help you with that as well. With our paragraph rephrase tool, you can cut down the time that you would usually spend on doing this by more than 80%. Forget about your poor knowledge of the language and grammar errors. All of that will be a thing of the past with our reworder tool.

Word Changer

Users that want to rephrase their texts and improve their language simultaneously are in for a treat. Our word changer tool will give you a whole new array of ideas. Repeating of same, dull words over and over is something that won't happen anymore. If a certain word isn't grammatically correct or it has a simpler synonym, it will be marked and you'll be able to change it. Simple as that.

Rephrase Tools - Make Writing a Breeze

The powerful tools listed above are just a part of our portfolio. When you combine all of the together, you are getting an ultimate weapon to fight all your writing problems. Whether it's rephrasing the words, sentences, or whole paragraphs, we have you covered. So let's summarize all the benefits that you'll be getting with our rephrase solution.

Learning - The more and more you use our tools, the more you'll learn. As time goes on, you'll realize that mistakes that were previously more common are now very scarce.

Plagiarism Removal - This is another neat feature that we haven't mentioned previously. Paragraphs that are too similar to the already existing ones will be flagged as plagiarism. Of course, you'll get a suggestion on how to rephrase them. Make your content authentic and captivating!

Fixing Mistakes - Most of the users will use our tools because of this. No matter how good your English is, grammar mistakes will happen. Fortunately, they will also be corrected!

Making You Sound Better To The Reader - If your sentences come out clumsy and unnatural, you may have some issues with your audience. But no room for fear. Our rephrase tools will make you sound like a native English speaker.

Saving Costs - Artificial intelligence is a beautiful technology. So why spend a lot of money on expensive copywriters and proofreaders? Utilize our tools and you can make your content spotless and easy to read for a reasonable price. You can compare our paragraph rewriter with other software available online.